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Drive Reconnection Count - reset?

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I have a FS1018 that experienced a drive reconnection issue months ago. I reseated the drives and the count has remained static since then. However every month I now get a warning in the Monthly Disk Health Report about the Drive Reconnection Count. Is there a way to reset this number?
Take note of the serial number of the drive.
Connect to the machine using SSH and edit /var/log/disk_overview.xml.
Find the XML tag with that serial number and delete it.
Reboot the machine. It will re-create the XML entry starting from scratch.
Hm, maybe don't bother; I just tried it on one of mine, and it didn't work, though I could swear it used to... Let me look into this a little deeper.
After looking into it, I can't find a way to reset the count on the current version of DSM. Maybe someone smarter than I will be able to figure it out. Challenge made!
I am having this same problem. I have a DS1621+ (only about 2 months) and I have drive 1 showing 1 reconnect, drive 3 showing 25 reconnects, drive 4 showing 2.. #1 is wd red pro, 3 & 4 wd red plus, all six drives are 4tb. I get the monthly report emailed and has showed the same results for July and now Aug, no change.

I have run extended smart tests, no errors found. No bad sectors, no issues per se, all seems fine as the nas is used daily. But I dont know how to edit or clear these counts to see if the reconnect attempts changes or increases...?

My synology is running DSM6, would the above steps clear this counter for me?

I was able to putty/ssh into the nas, and navigate to the var/log dir and see the file, but than I am unclear, do I remove the disk_overview.xml file or rename it or what? Sorry, very unfamiliar with linux so a detailed step by step would be greatly appreciated and extremely helpful.

Here is the email I have received twice so far:

The following is your monthly report regarding the health of disks on DS1621+. You can also check the health of individual disks at Storage Manager > HDD/SSD > Health Info.

Only drives with problems are displayed.

Drive 1
S.M.A.R.T. Status: Normal
Bad sector count: 0
Drive reconnection count: 1
Drive re-identification count: 0

Drive 3
S.M.A.R.T. Status: Normal
Bad sector count: 0
Drive reconnection count: 25
Drive re-identification count: 0

Drive 4
S.M.A.R.T. Status: Normal
Bad sector count: 0
Drive reconnection count: 2
Drive re-identification count: 0

Synology NAS
But I dont know how to edit or clear these counts to see if the reconnect attempts changes or increases...?
Just make a note of the numbers and compared them at a later date. Not sure you can reset the counter, but the more important issue here is why are you getting those. If it's not the drives that are the problem, it could be the NAS (or SATA connectors or something else on the NAS) that's the problem.

Might not be a bad idea to contact support and open a ticket for this. If the NAS is new, maybe you can replace it if there are clear signs of potential problems ahead.
Bringing this back from the grave, to ask if anyone has figured out a way to erase or reset these values? My nas has been running fine for about a year, and those drive reconnect values have never changed. Is it in the drive smart data or stored somewhere in the DSM file system?
I can speak to you from experience that I had the same drive reconnection counters on a specific WD Red drive (which are known to have issues), I replaced it and access performance seemed to improve. The counter reset for the new drive. Shortly thereafter another WD Red drive 3TB (early generation) started having the same issue and again I replaced the drive. With so many of your drives having these counters, I hope you have one or more hot spares installed and ready to come online if they fail. As Rusty pointed out, if its not just normal drive wear-out, then you may have a issue with your NAS. I don't remember my drives failing the extended S.M.A.R.T test in DSM either. I believe I was able to test the WD drive after I pulled it out of the NAS and directly connected it a laptop with a USB to SATA adapter with Western Digital's diagnostic software so you might want to try that out. It was a few years ago, but I think it did return an error code which I used to warranty the drive with Western Digital. The NAS I had that had these drive reconnection counters lived a hard life prior to that point as it wasn't plugged into a uninterruptible power supply and so every time the power dropped out, the hard drives took a beating. I attributed this as the most likely cause of the problem. Do you use a UPS with your NAS? I have another similar setup with the same WD Red drives from the same time of production, that has always been plugged into a UPS which hasn't experienced this issue.
I’m also curious to know if there is a way to reset this counter. I have 1 drive (over the 12) that had a 1 reconnect issue 3 years ago. Things never changed then. I have an hotspare ready but I wonder if it is possible to clear this counter.

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