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Drive vs. FileStation

I have a client that needs people to upload/download files to their synology NAS. We would like like use "Drive" for this and the download part is easy. Share the file or folder and send the link via email great. Uploading seems to be more of an issue. File Station seems to the ability to do this with "create file request" see this link for more info and screen shots... Upload files on your Synology with a link and no access rights . But the Drive Software does not seem to have this feature and if I share a folder there is no ability to upload a file but the person sees the contents of the folder and can download but not upload. Am I missing something, it would be great if the link could allow only an upload to that folder like it does in File Station. Any help on this would be great, Thanks!
It's fairly straightforward... Using File Station, right-click the folder you wish to share...

... and select "Create file request".

Do so does not require setting up Users.
Thank you for your answer but I get that it is easy to do using the the "file station" software I just wanted to know if anyone knows if the "drive" software can do this. It seems to have all the features of the file station but it can't do "Create file request" ?????????

Odd isn't it. I just checked and Dropbox has this feature so it can't be argued that Drive is competing with cloud storage services.

For now it'll have to be a combined approach with File station upload requests to a folder within a user's Drive folder. Depending how you want to do it, you could save and reuse the upload link and mail it out not using File Station.
can't be argued that Drive is competing with cloud storage services.
Up to your business model:
  • if your primary intent is private cloud, then the Syno Drive is right tool. Valid for Named users only.
  • if there is everyday requirement to share a folder for "guests" outside from Named users - yes this feature is missing now. But I have bad experience from Google Drive (no experience from Dropbox), related to an inspection of all opened shared folders. You have to open each folder and find if there is "an open" sharing or no.

But there is perfect feature for the Drive - Synology Cloud sync - as aggregator or provider of the data for every well-known Cloud solutions. I use this feature for all of them, who can provide the data for us from their validated data sources. Then we have lot of such sources from/to Google Drive, One Drive, Azure, AWS, ...
Works well. And there is (in Cloud sync) really strong administration about the opened sources.

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