Drive Web access normal users can't see Recycle bin.

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Drive Web access normal users can't see Recycle bin.

I want normal users to see the Recycle bin in the Drive web access. It works fine for an Admin user. As an admin when I delete a file or folder the Recycle bin shows up and has the files in it. When I am logged in as a normal "user" it never shows up even after deleting a file or folder. Would like normal users to restore files they might have accidentally deleted via the web interface. I have made sure to have the "Restrict access to administrator only" is unchecked in the Shared Folder control panel. it seems to be a thing with the Drive software but not an issue in DSM? Any help would be appreciated. Maybe this is a limit of the Drive Software that DSM does not have?


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DS418play, DS213j, DS3621+, DSM 7.0.4-11091
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My users see it. Must be an overlooked setting...

Are you using only Team folders? If so, recycle visibility is specified in the shared folder settings. Is that restricted to admin?
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it is not restricted to the admin all users can see the recycle bin in shared folders settings

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