DS Assistant cant find 1821+

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DS Assistant cant find 1821+

its ZTE F670L, here mate


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i dont think the fact that I dont see the router has to do with IP bindings to be honest, but honestly no idea why I cant see it now while I used to do... I wasnt playing with IPs
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OK, so DHCP Binding is IP address reservation. You have a reservation of for your PC's MAC address (wired), and for something else (the NAS?). Those are the IP addresses with infinity lease time remaining. Regardless, the client devices will still request their network configuration to be updated every 60 seconds. When did you set the lease time to 60 seconds.

I assume you must be running a public/semi-public LAN where you need to keep churning the IP assignments to ensure that the pool doesn't get saturated.

The previous screenshots of the NAS do seem to suggest that you have two network ports connect to the LAN, and that the finds.synology.com discovered the NAS on If it's any comfort, when I do finds.synology.com it doesn't find my DS215j but does find the DS218+ and both active interfaces on the DS1520+... but it doesn't display any actual information able the NAS models it finds. I just access the various NAS using their static IP addresses, or more usually via the local DNS service I run on DNS Server where I resolve my private domain to LAN IPs for access by my LAN clients.
Now my finds.synology finds it at .3 (I had changed to.36 cause I had changed ports at nas at a point)
I had put the timer to 60s when I wanted to experiment, but even if I put it back to normal, the app still won't find anything.. hmm ...
Any ideas what else expect IPs could be the problem?
Can't think why it doesn't find your NAS. I only ever use SynologyAssistant when someone asks about it in forums. It's a singularly useless app for me. Once you know the NAS's IP address, and the NAS appears in Mac Finder / Windows Explorer, then I can't see what day-to-day use the app has.
ok I understand, wont deal more with it but thought it may mean more problems but ok gonna ignore this..

thanks a lot!

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