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Hi guys,

Looking for either a fix or an alternative.

I've been happily backing up (one way sync-uploads only, no deletes) my android phones & tablets for years to my DS412+, then my DS1815+ up to DSM 6.2 using DS Cloud app. My 412+ recently took a dump during a restart and no longer boots. I got a 1821+ as replacement and did some shuffling.. 1815+ drives to 1821+ and 412+ drives to 1815+. At some point before this I had upgraded Cloud Station to Drive on the 412+ and tested that DS Cloud still worked. I made the mistake after getting the 1821+ to upgrade both NAS to DSM 7 (for the updated storage functionality), which forced me into Drive only on NAS side, which I figured wasn't an issue when "one way sync" was added to mobile app. DS Cloud on mobile no longer works saying "compatibility error. upgrade cloud station". I have been attempting to switch to Drive mobile app, but I am unable to complete setup.

My devices are rooted due to non-Syno reasons, but I found I did have to install a "NoStorageRestrict" Magisk module to even be allowed access to the top level "internal storage" folder ("Can't use this folder. to protect your privacy choose another folder" error) in Drive app.

With DS Cloud, I was choosing folder /storage/emulated/0. Now in the Drive app when I select the top level folder I get error "selected local path contains storage reserved for other apps". It looks like Synology built in "You are not allowed to back up THESE folders" blockers. I went through each folder and it appears the block happens if I select "internal storage/Android" as my base, but not if I select "internal storage/Android/media". Also, when drilling down, "Android/data" is not even visible.

Is there a "fix" to allow me to continue using Synology apps, or is there an alternative server/client solution (docker)? I would rather keep using Syno (since I've already spent the money), the value in Syno is shrinking daily having to move away from Syno "built-in" solutions to docker containers. At this point, the only advantage to using Syno for me was the continued access to data after my 412+ stopped working and not having to do a complete reconfiguration from scratch. The whole selling point for me was that it did more than JUST store data and seemed to be better than QNAP (at the time). A home built "NAS" would have sufficed and be cheaper if just starting out today.
Some people use a direct sync/upload to google drive, and then use Cloud Sync to copy/sync Google drive to the NAS.

Personally I do use Onedrive for all business data. and copy to the nas when It needs archiving.
For photo's: Photos Mobile to upload to the NAS.
I'm looking for a solution that doesn't require someone else's "cloud". That's $$$ that shouldn't be spent. But thanks for the response.
@Telos - Have had Syncthing running for a bit now. Looks to be most like what I had previous (after working through the "don't delete deleted files"). Seafile was a no go due to no ability to backup or directly access what's being synced.

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