DS Get mobile app can't connect since upgrading to DMS 7.0.1

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DS Get mobile app can't connect since upgrading to DMS 7.0.1

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After upgrading my NAS to DSM 7.0.1, the mobile app DS Get only tells me "Download station is not installed or enabled on your diskstation" when I try to connect. DOwnload Station is installed and running. I've tried multiple addresses (QuickConnect, DDNS). None will connect. But DS Get does see my NAS when on the same local network and I can connect to the local IP when on the same network as my DS. I tested my DS QuickConnect ID and it works. It just seems all external methods are failing. Nothing has changed on my router. Anyone have any ideas whats happening?
I figured it out. No idea why or how got changed but my Synology Router Safe Access was interfering. Adding exceptions cleared up the issue. Very weird since I was able to connect externally with DS Get before I upgraded my DSM to 7.0.1. Perhaps DSM 7 automatically wrote in some rule to the router.

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