DS Movies not playing on Samsung TV......

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DS Movies not playing on Samsung TV......

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Ok, decided it was time to replace my QNAP server and decided to give synology a run purchasing a DS220+ for running my media to my TV. This is one of my main uses.

I understand their will be a new learing curve, but having lots of problems getting the new synology to run on my samsung 8k TV, so I can see all my home movies they are in avi and mkv. I have never had a problem running them on my QNAP server, but seem to run into a problem with the synology. The server occasionally drops off the TV and when it is there it will not play any of my video stating unsurported. From what I have read, it seems to be a problem that has not been addressed for some years. Some people even hacking their systems, something I wouldnt do. Having a work around using other apps is crazy as I am sure many people use there NAS for media services and watching movies. Besides having to put your movies into a special folder that dosent work. The codec update also will not work. Is there any settings I should check? Should I be returning this unit to synology for a refund or is there a fix. I am not a brain with these servers, but happy to hear of any fixes that i need or information on the subject. Work arounds are crazy with synology advertising it as a media server. Very frustrated at the moment so any help would be appreciated.
I don’t have a Samsung TV so can you explain how you are connecting from it to Video Station. Is there a DS video app on the TV, or are you streaming to the TV using another device?

having to put your movies into a special folder that dosent work.
You can decide where you want video and audio files: change the folders in Control Panel’s indexed folders and assigned what media types a folder holds.

The codec update also will not work.
Which codec update?
Why would you use ds video? Dont over complicate it.
The samsung is a smart tv that has codecs and should play the movies right from the network share. No need for tools.
Hi Rusty, EAZ1964 and Fredbert,

First thank you for your replies and help. It is greatly appreciated. Spent some 2 hours with Samsung yesterday trying to nut out the issue. As EAZ1964 said, I shouldnt need any other apps with the TV as my QNAP server worked fine with this TV. I also have an LG TV in the bedroom and it all works fine, no apps required. The problem with Codec has disapeared, Codec update was the Synology Advanced media Extension, not sure if I need anything else on the Synology server. I am now unsure why every time I play a any movie and try and go back to the previous folder to play another movie, the server is disconnecting from the TV each time. I then have to go back into the server again select another movie and play it. So looks like the samsung or the server is disconnecting each time I play a movie. I am afraid Samsung were little use except trying work arounds using Plex server not what any of us need, just a fix would be nice. Not a bad idea, but means I need to set it up and as said I should be able to play movies direct from the TV. I dont have a hudge libury of movies like some mostly my home movies. I think the problem is Samsung, even if they dont admit it. Its one of the latest TV's so expect it to work. Any further ideas appreciated, but understand it may not be the Synology server.
Appreciate your help

Kindest Regards
I’m still a bit confused: are you connecting your TV to Video Station (via DS video app), Media Server (DLNA/UPnP), or plain SMB/Windows network file shares?

I’m thinking probably you are using SMB but it could be Media Server. If it is the latter then you could try lowering the SSDP advertising frequency, mine is 5 seconds.
suggest you go to either a Plex, Kodi, or Emby solution. All can be installed and run from an AMZ Fire device, Roku, or Nvidia Shield. These applications are more robust and they simply just work. DS Video is half baked and limited as to what it can do and what codec it supports.
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DS video is maximum Full HD, no 4K, no 8K.
I tested it personally on Google TV and Apple TV. I guess is the same for the others.

Server side (NAS):
I'm not sure if under DSM 7.1 with latest Video Station app, and latest Advanced Media Extensions app (that require an activation under the Synology account), if it change something. Not tried yet.

Client side (TV):
Eventually you can try to install MX player app, set on DS video, to use Settings > Video Settings > Use third party player, and see if it work.
Hi Fredbert, Coop777 and Marco,

Thanks for your support. Using DSM 7.1-42661 Update 1 with 2.0.2-2053. I have reduced the advertising frequency down from 950 to 500, but will try going to 5 seconds and see if that helps. I am going to remove DS video as you say not a well thought out package with a lot of improvements required. Last night I had a dlink 8 port switch fail due to power supply going down. So may have had something to do with it not sure. So will work on it today time permitting. Will also look for a new 2.5gb switch to replace my old backup switch now installed. Advanced media extension is Version states up to date. Many thanks once again.
Kindest Regards
Hi Marco,
Ops wrong info this one I have Advanced Media Extension is 2.0.0-101. Must have picked it from the wrong place. Media Server is 2.0.2-3053. Think I have got that one right now. Sorry have not looked at MX player tip at the moment as would like to get it going through the TV first without work arounds. I have a lifetime plex account from years ago, but have not used it for some time. thanks for the quick reply and help.

Kindest Regards
So you are using Media Server and not Video Station?
Hi Marco, Not sure what to use at this stage. Its all new compared to the old QNAP. So many apps just installed what I think I needed. All I need to do at this stage is view my home videos on TV, backup my PC and will eventurly play my music. Have music on Media Monkey at the moment and it works well. Need to keep things simple as possible as my wife wants to use as well. thanks Marco.
I use Media Server for music to my Denon HEOS system. It’s better that having to use vulnerable SMB v1 file sharing.

The advertising period every few seconds has had no issues for me and helped devices find the NAS if it was having difficulty. There are IGMP snooping settings in my router (RT2600ac) that work to aid getting broadcast packets to the devices that are listening for them. This is a LAN-side-only feature.

There are other tweaks you can do in Media Server, such as adapting the DMA menu style to your preference (use one of the custom styles and edit it).
Thanks Marco and Fredbert,

Appreciate your help and will checkout both.

Kindest Regards

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