DS VIDEO - How to delete files?

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DS VIDEO - How to delete files?

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Hi All,

I was using AC Ryan media player with DS VIDEO app to watch videos from my NAS. I was able to customize it to list titles, and was able to delete files from within DS VIDEO. It was also able to remember my last used folder when I used it again.

I have just switched over to Nvidia TV Pro, downloaded the DS VIDEO app and am surprised that the interface is totally different from what I am used to. I can't set it to display the titles the way I want it; it can't remember my last used folder; and worst of all, there is no option to DELETE!

Are there different android versions of DS VIDEO? Or is there a way I could at least delete files from within DS VIDEO?

Please help!

Thanks much!
Are you logging in with an administrator account? The web interface only offers the Delete option on videos if you login as an admin user.

Can you use the DS video installer from Synology's Downloads page?

Other than that I can't help as I use DS video on Apple TV, iOS, and web.
There isn't a option to log in as an administrator on the DS VIDEO login screen. Or am I missing something here? I'm sorry. I'm a novice when it comes to IT matters.
I thought I did. It's the same username and password I used to log in to my NAS. :( I have no other accounts.

I typed in the IP Address, then my account username (which I am the administrator), and the password.
OK, then I guess you just use the admin account.

I log into the Video Station web interface as an admin user and can delete items, or otherwise manage the settings. But I've never logged onto DS video on Apple TV as an admin user, so cannot say if it has the delete capability.
I have no other accounts.
Good security practice is to create a "user" account for your everyday needs (file storage, streaming, sharing, etc.). An administrator account should only see limited use when you need to perform administration tasks (add/remove apps, users, manage firewall, etc..
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Thanks for the advice, Telos.

Just it still doesn't explain why my DS VIDEO has a different look/interface and has no delete option. I was able to delete in DS VIDEO before with another media player. I used the same login. Sigh.
Just to update that I have written in to Synology and this is their reply:

Dear Customer,

After checking, the difference is due to the Android OS running AC Ryan and Nvidia. AC Ryan is running the mobile version of Android, and Nvidia is running the TV version fo Android, like iOS and tvOS for Apple. Therefore the app available would also be different.

I will help you to submit a feature request for the Android TV version function to match the mobile version. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

If you need to suggest more features, you could also submit the following form to let the PM team know your ideas:

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Sorry to bump an old thread but having the same issue. Running the current/latest version of Video Station and DS Video on an up to date firmware nVidia Shield TV Pro and have no option to delete files from within the DS Video app. No problem deleting files from the Video Station web app on a computer. Signed into the DS Video app with a non-admin user that does have Read/Write permissions, but that made no difference.

Can anyone confirm that signing into the DS Video app with an admin account adds the ability to delete files or is this still an "issue"?

It looks like there should be an option to delete videos from this Synology webpage (LINK) in the "Manage Video Libraries" section
Welcome to the forum.

If you have access to an admin account then you can do it.
So I either have to re-sign with a user account that has admin rights or its a no go huh? Well that sucks, but at least I know now. Thank you!

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