DS video not remembering last played position

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DS video not remembering last played position

I tend to run in the opposite direction when I see anything android.
The only thing that drawn my attention was the low cost for the Fire HD 10 tablet - I realized that I was using my now dead iPad only for watching videos at home.. So no 400$ to spend on a new one this time, so I'm trying that Android tablet and it's been great so far... great except that :poop: "resume" that just won't kick in - it's not even asking the question we restarting a movie on Android, it just restarts from the top each time.
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Did you try VLC? You might need to install Media Server.
Thx WST16, but I'd really like to stay in the VS environment on all my devices if possible. One good reason for this is that this way I can start replaying a video on any device and VS will have saved my last played position on the server each time.
Syno's official response:
"Currently we don't support to keep/resume the last position in a video playing on the DS video for Android or other 3rd party players at this moment (MX Player/VLC Player). This will be improved in the future update.Unfortunately I can't currently give a timeline for its inclusion."
I guess I'll have to keep remembering the mm:ss for the next playback! It's one way of fighting alzheimer I guess! 👨‍🦳
Or you could use Plex. A much better experience... more codec support too, however hardware transcoding requires Plex Pass.
Been there, done that! :) Like I told Rusty:
Indeed Plex has been the option for me for quite a while, but the free features of DS (like download offline on mobile) and other irritating stuff in Plex made me do the jump a year ago. Plex is now much more "monthly subscription" oriented then before to get the basic stuff working. And Plex is not without its flaws itself, wouldn't you say :coffee:🤓
Syno's official response:

I guess I'll have to keep remembering the mm:ss for the next playback! It's one way of fighting alzheimer I guess! 👨‍🦳
Don't hold your breath.
I asked them about the re-indexing problem of media on external drives (when ejected) more than two years ago. They said it's a known problem and will be fixed. To date, nothing!
the re-indexing problem of media on external drives (when ejected)
I suppose it has its challenges to track what is attached and keep this updated, esp. with the range of spec of the NAS.

I'm using an always attached 4TB eSata drive for my VS library and keep this update updated using CCC from my iMac's. If I move or update a file that CCC with sync to the VS folders then CCC is set to move any current file to a _CCC snapshot archive folder. VS keeps a track of the moved file and I end up with dual files for one VS item.

If I don't delete the saved snapshot file from within VS then it may automatically update the SQL library eventually or not. It's the maintenance of the SQL DB that needs to be changed, such that:
  1. Is the shared folder where the file is located active? Yes/No
    1. Yes: is the file still there? Yes/No
      1. Yes: flag as available
      2. No: if last file for library item then delete library item
    2. No: flag file as offline/unavailable
This would need additional columns added to the VS SQL DB otherwise every page refresh would require the folder/file structure to be scanned before returning the webpage. These are the table schema that I extract (purely for my info) and there isn't an availability flag.
 id | type
 id | mapper_id | path | filesize | duration | container_type | video_codec | frame_bitrate | frame_rate_num | frame_rate_den | video_bitrate | video_profile | ff_video_profile | video_level | resolutionx | resolutiony | display_x | display_y | rotation | audio_codec | audio_bitrate | frequency | channel | updated | create_date | modify_date
 id | mapper_id | summary | create_date | modify_date
 id | mapper_id | plus_info | create_date | modify_date
 id | mapper_id | lo_oid | md5 | create_date | modify_date
 id | mapper_id | writer | create_date | modify_date
 id | mapper_id | director | create_date | modify_date
 id | mapper_id | actor | create_date | modify_date
 id | mapper_id | gnere | create_date | modify_date
 id | title | type | is_public
 id | uid | library_id | type
 id | uid | title | is_smart | create_date | modify_date
 id | mapper_id | collection_id | create_date | modify_date
 id | mapper_id | library_id | title | sort_title | tag_line | year | originally_available | sort_time | certificate | islock | create_date | modify_date | rating | tmdb_id
 id | mapper_id | library_id | title | sort_title | year | originally_available | sort_time | islock | create_date | modify_date
 id | tvshow_id | library_id | mapper_id | tag_line | season | episode | year | originally_available | sort_time | certificate | islock | create_date | modify_date | rating
 id | mapper_id | library_id | title | sort_title | record_time | record_time_utc | certificate | create_date | modify_date | rating
 id | mapper_id | title | sort_title | channel_name | record_time | record_time_utc | create_date | modify_date
 id | uid | video_file_id | mapper_id | position | create_date | modify_date | subtitle_id | audio_track
 id | collection_id | avail_date | exp_date | permanent

Doing that available/unavailable scan would have to be done periodically and also would need admin settings to ignore unmounted shared folder items when re-indexing/metatagging.

Since VS / AS / PS / Moments are library based applications then messing with their library and tracked files en masse would seem to be asking for it to get upset or sulky :) I don't go into Mac Photos library and move files around and expect it to continue to work.

If the USB is unexpectedly unmounting then using a UPS with surge protection may help, it could be another appliance that is causing it. Also I don't power down my NAS often and when I do I've not seen any issue with the eSata drive not getting mounted in enough time for VS to have problems.

Though .... I regularly export vsmeta files for all the files when I'm happy with their info. I can also run a script to set the SQL DB row to locked, if I wanted to.
My suggestion would be to move away from VS. If plex is not an option maybe Emby will be a better choice.
It's horses for courses as the saying goes (which is apt since we're in Royal Ascot week).

This is again, as with other Synology packages, dependant on the audience/user group and what we can get them to use. VS is a reasonable package that has support on Apple TV, iOS, Android, and web plus has most of the features needed provided you put a little effort in to curation.

I've got Plex running for music sharing at home since there is no DS audio for Apple TV, but generally I prefer DS audio on iOS with a target player of the Apple TV (this isn't Airplay from iOS to ATV but NAS to ATV direct). If I use Plex server and Plex iOS as a controller then I need to go on to the ATV and start up the Plex client so it is visible. As such I only use Plex on ATV when I interact with the ATV directly (i.e. have the TV switched on).

In all these cases of use this or that, it's not the server end that stops take-up but the availability and usability of clients and playback devices. Plus I don't use these things so often so I like to know it'll work, even it not perfectly.
I suppose it has its challenges to track what is attached and keep this updated, esp. with the range of spec of the NAS.
Impressive. You’re very advanced Mr. @fredbert. The external disk is on ups, it’s just when I need to restart the NAS, firmware updates mostly. Although it seems we’ll be doing less of that the way things are going!
I’m trying to install emby on my DDSM for testing but I can’t get to their repository.
I’m following the “add the Emby repository to Package Center's settings” but it doesn’t show up in the packages after adding the repository.
I’ve also tried on DSM. Same!

Can someone kindly confirm if they can see the package or not. Just a couple of steps to do. Thanks.

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