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Hello everyone :) My name is Slax from Serbia, and I'm new here...

I'm using an old Synology model DS108j one bay NAS. I was looking for some upgrade options since this unit can't upgrade after DSM 4.0...

Are there some other options available? some custom firmware or something?

Thank you in forward for the info.
Well, that's obvious. I could buy a newer model. But my question was if there is some hack to update the system without buying the newer model... Not DSM, but some custom firmware maybe. I saw there is an option to install docker and with docker much more stuff. I would like to upgrade the system to have more options, like NFS for instance. I believe the older NFS version is installed on this model. Thank you for the reply
Also, I would like to add that I use ds108j for backing up my laptop, so I don't have a need for advanced and newer models. This model works fine, I was just wondering if maybe I can somehow update the system since there are no official updates anymore...
Ok, thank you for the info. I guess I'll buy some newer model then...

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