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Just set one up with a Seagate Ironwolf 8Tb. During the setup format the thing was noisy initializing the disk.

Now I am copying files from another HDD for backup. its just constantly making a noise, which I associate with writing to the disk? Its that soft magnetic popping sound don't know how else to describe it. Kinda staticity. Hopefully everyone knows what i mean.

I am worried that I have a bad HDD or NAS. Is that normal during writes to the HD?
Never had a DS1nnj but if like the DS215j then the Velcro mod won’t work. In this NAS the drives are screwed to the metal chassis, not slid in on rails.

But yes the Ironwolf are noisy. The bigger the drive it seems the more noisy. I have five Ironwolf 8 TB in my NAS and they are ‘clacky’, maybe it would be a bit less metallic if the fit was snugger. In contrast the older WD Red (CMR) in pairs of 3 and 4 TB are much quieter.
Yes this morning when my copies were almost done there were quiet. I had read the WD's were not as good...do you recommend WD...I do like the 8TB..I just bought the Ironwolf...i can send back.
But they ALL make that static popping sound no matter what? I sounds like an old fashioned percolating coffee maker...thats the sound exactly! I was struggling to describe it.

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