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DS120J to DS920+ Migration

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Dear All,

Longtime reader, first time poster here.
First of all, thank you all for this incredible resource. It is so nice to find such a trove of useful tips on the interwebs.
I ran a few searches to avoid posting a dupe but it seems that although some people are in my situation, very few posted on it.

I bought a DS120J during lockdown and I, like many, decided to step up my NAS game and will receive a 920+ shortly.
Now, the synology official website has migration stuff by it appears that a few things are not working in my favor for a peaceful migration (e.g. ext4 to btrfs, single bay to multiple bays, enablement of SHR etc.)

I was wondering if somebody was kind enough to point me in the right direction for an easy migration. Should I just put my HDD (4TB) in the new NAS and hope for the best ? Should I set up a couple of HDDs first and import the data second ?

I have another couple of 4TB HDDs on the way two so tomorrow i'll have the following:
Source : DS120J with a 4TB
Destination : DS920+ with 2x4TB


I did simply moved my HDD from a DS713 to a DS1815+ and it did the trick ! But it was "multiple bays" to "multiple bays" and I didn't change the filesystem type obviously... Next, I had no issue to add extra disks...

But no idea how you will be able to extend your own disk within a new NAS, as it depends on how it was configured. I am quite sure that it's safe to move the disk from your DS120j into the DS920+ and just have a look on the options available in the Store Manager (Do a backup first.. Just in case)

In the past, I did use a Backup & Restore approach... It did work "quite well" but was far from "fully automatic"... Possibly see my notes: Migration from my DS209+ to my DS713+ | Beatifica Bytes

Actually, how to migrate will depend on your goal... to have two distinct volumes, one volume with a RAID 0 for performance, a with RAID 1 or any other to get redundancy ?
I was wondering if somebody was kind enough to point me in the right direction for an easy migration
You cannot migrate a single-disk NAS to a multi-disk NAS. You'll need to copy the data across your LAN.

Create an SHR volume with the new 2x4TB on the 920+, then, using the 920+, mount the 120j to an empty folder (via File Station/CIFS mount). Then copy away.

When you are satisfied that the transfer is complete you can either add the 4TB drive from the 120j to the 920+ (it will be formatted), or designate the 120j as a backup for your 920+.

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