DS1515+ Drive dies.

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DS1515+ Drive dies.

DS1515+, DX213.
Oh no!

Just had one of my WD red 3tb drives die in my 1515+. I heard the unit making a horrid racket, bit like a screeching sort of noise. I then got an amber led on drive 2 and a DSM message that my system partition had failed on that drive.

I had the unit do a restart and it was all back to normal.... Hmm. I did a quick repair of the system partition and it was fine again.

However, the noise soon returned. So I pulled the drive and replaced it with a (new) spare that I have. It's now repairing the volume.

There were no smart anomalies, no crc errors or bad sector shenanigans. However, the drive has over 35,000 hours under its platters, now that would be a very long career for an airline pilot!

What worries me is that the other four drives have similar hours.... gulp!
Well, the volume has repaired with the new drive.

I didn't know WD Red's were rated for a million hours? What's that? 114 years of 24/7 operation?

Looks like I'll be ok then! :D

It’s pretty crazy how WD comes up with that number, especially in general on a hard drive. We can all relate with hard drive failures probably within 5-8 year range on average.
Aye, same bullsh*t as what you get from politicians!

The dead drive is now in my e-sata enclosure, hooked up to my PC, formatted NTFS. I'm filling it with things I'd like to keep. Then I'll pull it, stick it in an anti-static bag and store it away. Maybe it'll be a lifesaver in an emergency! :D

There is something wrong with it... WD's Data lifeguard software won't complete its "quick smart test" on it.
The dead drive is now really dead again! Part way through the transfer, the noise came back and it hard locked my pc.

I'll now permanently erase it with a .243 hollow point! :D
Just an addendum to my thread...

... the drive isn't dead, its still going strong! I just changed the orientation of the drive from vertical to horizontal and its been running fine for the past five months or so. Still attached to my desktop in and e-sata enclosure, which is lying on its side.

I guess it's now using a surface of its bearings that are still good? I'll report back when it finally does give up (again). :LOL:
That’s why I want to move to SSDs. But still expensive For large capacities. One day our mechanical disks will be made obsolete when SSDs become more affordable.
moving to ssd myself as well. 718 and 918 will be all flash and RS model s will be hdds
And seconds ago I picked up a pair of 10TB Reds for 270 USD each... Color me old-fashioned.
That's not as old as me, I've just 'upgraded' my old 2007 iMac with a stopgap, secondhand 2012 Mac Mini ... with 1TB SSD. Works well enough until Apple's storage prices come down.

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