Question DS1517+ Has it died on me?

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Question DS1517+ Has it died on me?

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Wow, official forum has plummeted to new depths, so dipping my toe in here!

DS1517+ with 5x WD HDDs, 10GbE PCIe card (a Syno E10G18-T1).

Reasonably flat network:

- Router providing 2 LANs and 1 VLAN, firewall, DHCP and DNS

- NAS resides on main LAN with an assigned address of

- NAS (normally) connected to Port #1 on primary switch, which also provides 10GbE links to 1 client (#2), 1 server (#3), router (#4, #6) and a 10GbE DAC link (#5) to secondary switch with clients and APs various:

Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 18.38.22.png


NAS web page was slow to load. Link was up and normal. NAS was commanded to shutdown, which took much longer than normal. On restart the NAS boots normally, fans run-up, all 5 drives are spun and main status light turns steady green. Then drives 1,2,3+5 went to a fixed green light with drive 4 flashing. 10GbE link established but no IP address set and arp shows only a self-assigned address (169.254 etc) with “(incomplete)” reported under the MAC address. No change for some time so tried restart attempt 2, this time from the power button:

Same boot, link, no arp other than APIPA, no MAC but this time drives 1,2,3+4 are showing a fixed green activity light with the flashing activity light now on drive 5.

The status light has remained green, the blue power light is steady and I have let the system to run in the state above. At some point during this period the NAS managed an “improper shutdown” email but I didn’t notice such an event.

The NAS does not respond to ping on either its normal static address or the APIPA self-assigned. The link remains “up” on the switch side and negotiates to 10GbE and the NAS NIC will accept any manually entered link speed offered. Also tried a standard ethernet cable to a native LAN port on the NAS, just to rule-out the PCIe card - no change.

I’m not sure what mode the NAS is in or why the status light is green with a steady blue power light. The active drive almost sounds like it is indexing, albeit at a slower rate.

The back and forth with Synology support was painful and protracted. In the end I just lost faith in their circular efforts and stripped-it back to basics, factory reset and built the raid back from backups. I was very concerned with their desire to use Telnet and port forwarding to gain remote access. Not exactly security friendly!

The 'support' could not get passed a problem with DSM itself. I could install it ok on a fresh disk and then add the remaining raid disks but the bad DSM then corrupted the new load. The Synology tools and remote support just could not get a fresh copy of DSM to install. Many, many days of effort over weeks achieved nothing.

I'm a month in to the clean and fresh rebuild and all is well.

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