DS1621xs+ Fan speed and noise

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DS1621xs+ Fan speed and noise

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Hi All,
Just configured my new DS1621xs+ and noticed that the chassis fans are constantly speeding up and slowing down when running any VM in VMM, especially when I open a web browser or run an installer or updates on the VM. Have played with various combinations of RAM and CPU allocated to the VM, nothing makes any difference. The fans constantly whirring up and down happens in Quiet Mode and Cool Mode. As soon as I close the VM browser, the fans instantly slow back down.
My DS1819+ doesn’t exhibit this annoying behaviour running the same VM (it quite happily sits their quietly running VMs even in Quiet Mode) so it’s something specific to the new unit.

Anyone any ideas….?

Hi MattB my new DS1621xs has exactly the same problems as you described it in your post. The fans are constantly speeding up and down. I do not know this from other sync's.
Did you find a solution for this behavior?
Best regards
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I do not know this behavior from other Synology NAS (sync's).
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