DS1819+ Converting to SHR-2 - LONG TIME!

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DS1819+ Converting to SHR-2 - LONG TIME!

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I recently acquired two DS1819+. I had a DS418 and DS920+ for a short time before that then finally decided to just go big and get two 8 bay devices. So I converted my DS920+ to the first "Primary" DS1819+ by migrating over 4x12TB hard drives. Migration went fine. I then added 4x14TB hard drives and converted it from SHR to SHR2.

My second DS1819+, my "backup" NAS, I migrated the 4x12TB from DS418 to this second DS1819+, and that went fine. I then added 4x12TB hard drives and also converted it from SHR to SHR2.

My first "primary" DS1819+ is moving along "changing" at about 7% a day, so a bit over two weeks for it to complete... sigh... well I accepted it. Disk utilization is about 50-60% at about 20MB/sec read and 34-36MB/sec write

Well a couple days later when I started the conversion from SHR to SHR-2 on my "backup" DS1819+ I assumed it would be similar pace. Well it's crawling along at about 2.5% per day. That's like 40 days to completion!!! Disk utilization is about 85-90% with only 6-7MB/sec read and 12-16MB/sec write.

Both are set to "Run RAID Resync Faster". My "Backup" DS1819+ even has 2x8GB ECC RAM where my "Primary" at the moment only has the stock 4GB non ECC (will also add 2x8GB ECC when it's done), although I don't think that really has any bearing on it. At the moment there's only about 8TB of data on each NAS.

Is this normal? How can the performance be so different between the two?
Thanks for response. Fewer services on the backup NAS. It's literally a vanilla DSM install with Hyper Backup Vault only.
Just as an update. I cancelled my conversion to SHR2 on my backup NAS and reset the device and started from scratch. Looks like it's only gonna take 2 days instead of 40, maybe 3 by the time I copy back all my files. Lessons learned. Sometimes it's just quicker and easier to start over. I'd still like to know what the culprit is/was.

My other DS1819+ is still chugging along but "only" taking about two weeks total, and is just a few days away from completing, so I'll just let it go.

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