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Hi All,

So, Xfinity regularly tells me that it is stopping attempts to access my NAS. I've tried turning Quick Connect off and anything else that looks like it gives access from the internet, but I keep getting the message "Blocked IP Reputation attempt" or something close to that.

I really don't need to access this disk anywhere but in my house. How can I turn off access from the internet?

Disable QuickConnect and DDNS.
Ensure there are no open ports on your router pointing to the NAS.
Disable UPnP in router.

Seems a common issue.
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Not sure what Xfinity is. Looks to be an ISP but where are these alerts coming from? Is it from a home router they provided or is it from protection systems that are in the ISP infrastructure, before the home connection?
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Xfinity (aka Comcast) is my ISP. They have a protection service that blocks things I guess.

I don't have any DDNS setup and quickconnect is turned off. I can't find any UPnP page.

I also turned off HTTP/2 now.

Not sure how to check for open ports on the router.

After reading the other post, I'm wondering if these are just false postives.
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I wonder if your NAS and Quickconnect are communicating without your knowledge. I recently noticed that my DS220+ sends requests to quickconnect.to every minute or so, despite the fact that I have Quickconnect disabled. It's possible your NAS is receiving responses from that domain without your knowledge, and that Comcast thinks it's a rogue actor. Someone says there's a bug in DSM that keeps the "chatter" with quickconnect.to running, even though you have it disabled.

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If "I really don't need to access this disk anywhere but in my house" I am not sure why it matters that Xfinity is blocking access.
But maybe what you mean is going on is that there is something inside the Xfinity router and it is blocking any access, even from your local network.
If that is the case then it is a good reason to torpedo the Xfinity router and use your own. Or to hide what you are doing from Xfinity you could turn off all WiFi on their router and connect your own with a short wire behind it - just be careful about double NATs.
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