DS218J Max disks / storage?

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DS218J Max disks / storage?


I was considering maybe migrating the board etc. to a larger case and adding a SATA card to expand beyond the 2 disks possible off the shelf.

Is it feasible to add more than 2 disks? (i.e. will the board etc. support them?) Is there a limit on the amount of storage supported?

Any experience of this or similar?

Amazing things? - No

I'm just a stuborn little sod who doesnt like giving up on kit

I was considering maybe migrating the board etc. to a larger case and adding a SATA card to expand beyond the 2 disks possible off the shelf.
I think no one did this. Usually people who’re contemplating similar thoughts are using XPEnology, if I’m not mistaken. But you’ve got the real deal! Your best option is to sell this one and buy a higher capacity DS (IMHO).
Being honest my opinion (and only my opinion) is to ask the question that is it really worth it?

Its not weather its possible to add these extra disks to the unit, its are you willing to risk the data you put on these drives even if you can get it to work?

Imagine the worst case scenario that you have your wedding photos and all the photos of your children and then imagine them all lost - permanently - for ever....

One of my boxes used to have a set of seagate 3tb units in it and over the space of about two weeks all three died

9TB of storage all gone

I was lucky in that I still had the sources the data came from and it was only a few photos that didnt matter and some music

A now dont use seagate as in my opinion they are 100% carp ( I try to only use western digital if I can) and I have at least 2 copies of everything

Have a look on a certain online auction site - there are plenty of used DS units out there really cheap and I would rather run multiple units than put everything on a unit that could mess up at any time

I know I have been a pest to most synology sites trying to fix my 1010+ and 1515+ but I worked on the basis of there would come a point where I may just go 'F it' and throught the unit away or stop fiddling with it.

Your data will always be worth 1000 times more than the hardware it runs on

Just my opinion though


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