DS220j + 2x 4TB Seagate, slow speed

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DS220j + 2x 4TB Seagate, slow speed

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I recently bought DS 220j, after my very positive SOHO experience with DS418+ which was carrying 10 people for years as a primary fileserver, and is still a backup and services solution we rely on heavily.

My DS 220j was bought with intention of using it as a home fileserver, mainly for photo backup from family Android phones, and media location for my 4k TV. I have a pretty good router, wired connection between it, TV and my DS220j (gigabit connection). Drives are two Seagate IronWolf ST4000VN008, 4TB in SHR configuration.

Anyways, my read speed should easily reach 50+MBit, or 6-7 MBps from TV side, and even in reality 10 MBps should be reached. Network is not crowded, Synology is (when not annoyingly caching) free of tasks, so my problem comes from reading the heavy movie files - but not that heavy either - 15-20 GB for a 2 hour movie. Simple math gives 2-3 MBps needed read speed... but I can hear the drives working relentlessly, echoing behind the TV, and the result is that my movie experience is VERY choppy. At times, it becomes smooth and enjoyable, but most times than others, it's very choppy.

This experience is when I use VLC player, so Synology should not be using it's resources to process the MKV files, it's a simple file read operation. When I try using DS Video or any other DLNA function, result is no better... mostly video is unwatchable.

My 2nd problem is the noise - Synology is located inside a drywall behind the TV, and the hard drives grinding during a movie playback, echoing inside the empty wall really kills the experience. I tried putting simple rubber below it's legs, that helped a little.
I don't know - are hard drives a problem? Do I really need to upgrade to SSD drives? Realistically, I shouldn't need to, all parts should be more than capable of needed speeds. SSD would also eliminate the noise...but I need 4TB and redundancy, so 2x4 TB SSD would set me back a LOT.

Anyone who can help?
Moments (for Android photo backup)
Hyper Backup Vault (for nightly backup from SOHO... but that only kicks in around 2 AM, never around time I try watching movies/shows)
Video Station - for obvious reasons
Download station - no files downloading/uploading
Cloud Sync
Audio station...
and those normally there
When you start playback do you have any major CPU or volume utilizations? Maybe check how the Resource manager is reporting it?
Hi, attaching the overview of the Resource manager. Volume utilization seems steady low, network goes up to 8 MBps in peaks, mainly between 1 and 3 MBps.

All seems OK on this side, but it still does a skip every second-two, and I might be crazy but it seems to coincide with me hearing the disks grind


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Well it very well might be the problem with the drives. If everything else is ok (network gear for example) like dsm settings apps and the OS, it leaves out the nas or the drives as a problem.

What protocol are you using for viewing?

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