DS2411+ upgrades? Maybe source a newer mobo to upgrade it?

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DS2411+ upgrades? Maybe source a newer mobo to upgrade it?

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I have been wanting a 12 bay dump server, so I bought a ds2411+ with drives. does anyone know of any upgrade possible with this model? Maybe to source a new motherboard from another 24 or 36 series? anyone have leads or suggestions?
I'm looking to do the same myself, my DS2411+ struggles to keep going these days :(

I'm planning to change the mobo with a standard desktop ATX mobo, (yes, it will have to sit outside the unit) and using a pcie extension cable to connect the backplane to the mobo, hopefully it will get picked up, not sure whether to put windows or Linux on the mobo though, I doubt the DSM 6/7 will have the required drivers for the mobo so may have to run DSM in docker on the main OS if I want it.

Planning to try this shortly, will report back if successful! Got to find a place to put my data first before I break everything!
so looks like it won't work, not sure if the backplane is some custom slot, and not a standard pcie slot as when connected my system power cycles all the time.

Still playing around with it though... more to come if I get it to work.
Hello all,

I'm in the same boat, DS2411+, struggling to keep up.

Over the years, I've assembled two Linux servers as NAS with great results besides the manual intervention required (I'm not too fond of NAS distros, they are too constrained for me).

The backplane of the DS2411+ is pretty good, so I also had the idea to upgrade it in some form, the ATOM D525 is awful, and 3 GB of RAM barely keeps the hashes of RAID checksums flying.
Did you happen to find a replacement motherboard for these units? I have a motherboard that just failed in a DS2411+

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