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I heard Synology supports products for 7 years. If I buy a DS418 new now in 2022 will support end 7 years from now 2029? Or will it be 7 years from launch 2025. I don’t want the software to stop working or getting updates after just 2 or 3 years.
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NAS is supported through warranty period, however DSM updates "may" continue for 7 years from initial launch... but there is no guarantee of that. For example DSM6 will cease support in June 2023.
You can have a look at the synology product support page:

There is no general rule "7 years" it is more a rule of thumb. The life cyle starts at moment of introduction and continues generally well after the model is discontinued. Support is split into DSM updates, technical support (like spareparts)
For sure + types have longer support than J types or normal type.

Cannot comment on the DS418, but if long support is important to you, go for a more recent model.

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