DSM 7.1 DS720+ 2 Disk SHR Btrfs Mirror

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DSM 7.1 DS720+ 2 Disk SHR Btrfs Mirror

Hi Guy
I have a DS720+ 2 Disk ( 2 * Seagate ST8000DM004, 8TB) SHR BTRFS Mirror, 2.5GB Ethernet. I thought its performance (150MB/s) would be a lot better when reading in this configuration as it should be reading from both disk, looking at the Resource Monitor it is only reading from One Disk.

Is this normal or is it because I am using Desktop hard disks instead of NAS grade hard disks.
I would be interest to know if someone has a similar setup with NAS grade hard disks if it reads from both disks in a mirror.
Many thanks for your help, Paul
Hi Telos
In the Resource Monitor select Performance in the left hand pane, to the right select select Disk, next line down select View Details.
Here you can watch the Utilization, Read and Write speeds.
Cheers Paul
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