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Hello everyone,
I have an old DS916+ with 8GB ram.
In the update page I can see now the possibility to update to DSM 7.0.1

Any successful experiences here?

I'm reading about memory, performance, login issues... but I can't find much about DS916+ specifically

I got a ds414 😅 and been running DSM 7 versions since the beta without any issues. Your Nas is way more capable than mine so should not be any issues 🤞
I also have DS916+ model with 8Gb RAM.
I upgraded to DSM 7.0.1 couple months ago.
The upgrade (from DSM 6.2.4) took a long time like about 45mins so be prepared for that!
During the upgrade it stalled a few times due to package incompatibilities.
I didn't record the list sorry and your is probably different to mine anyway, BUT some of those were handled gracefully by the updater and some I had to manually remove myself before the update completed.

After the update completed, there were then a number of packages that were either automatically updated or I had to manually update/reinstall from the repository but I didn't have any issues as such.
It then took ~ 14 hours or so to reindex all the metadata in my Photos collection as part of the migration to the new Synology Photos, which of course slowed down perceived performance (don't panic).
ONCE all the background stuff was done, the performance and general snappiness of the NAS is greatly improved!
Logging into DSM WebUI is heaps faster and smb file access feels a bit snappier as well.

The ONLY issue I have which I can't figure out is that sometimes new downloads in Download Station, don't start straight away? They may or may not. Sometimes they start after several hours. Sometimes they start overnight. Sometimes "never" unless I touch the task in some way eg pause the task from android DS Get, then resume. Or pause from DSM web UI then resume. Weird.

Otherwise I haven't a single issue with DSM 7.0.1, so yes I recommend an upgrade on your NAS.

I'm actually thinking about a manual update > DSM 7.1, because I noticed over the last months with the AFP/netatalk vuln that DSM 7.1 branch was updated first, then the DSM 7.0.1 branch and much much later the update for DSM 6.2.4.
While I didn't personally worry about AFP, because I don't use it (so it's disabled) the principle applies that it's better to get the security updates fast and that means being on current branch...
If it had been something more critical affecting say DSM remote web access, and Syno didn't provide an update for your branch for say 6-8 weeks after the initial updates are made available on "current branch" (= 7.1) then is that wise to stay on such a low priority (for updates) build?

Do the update!

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