DS918+ DSM7 Win 10 always random BSOD

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DS918+ DSM7 Win 10 always random BSOD

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Ive had my DS918+ for a while and recently updated to DSM7,

Ive never used the VMM before on a Synology and i installed the latest Windows 10 build to run a small application so i didn't need to leave my pc on 24 hours anymore. VMM setup fine and all installed. All latest package updates installed, Latest windows updates installed as well as the VMM guest addons.

Ive noticed now in the last few days unusual things in the logs and noticed random BSOD screens of various errors all based around ntoskernel. Where do i start?

Ive no other issues with the Synology box, and never have. but never used the VMM

Don't know if VMM needs a software installation, similar like VMware Workstation Tools, which means device drivers and more to get the virtual machine running correctly and performant.
I did install the VMM software on windows and ran all the windows updates

However ive been busy with other tasks and revisited this today. There have been no BSOD since :) so ill leave it a mystery.

I was about to start from scratch again.

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