DS918+ Single vs Dual Channel RAM benchmark

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DS918+ Single vs Dual Channel RAM benchmark

Due to a lack of benchmarks with regard to single vs dual channel RAM I decided to perform a quick test using the phoronix-test-suite using the docker container phoronix/pts using the ramspeed test. I have 2 sticks of Synology DDR3L 1866MHz 4GB, performed one run with a single stick and the other with both installed.
Here is the openbenchmarking link Ds918+ 2xddr3 1866 Benchmarks - OpenBenchmarking.org
As you can see there is an improvement which is not unsubstantial considering the low performance of the J3455 CPU. I was hoping for more performance on both single and dual channel but that's what you get for such a low end CPU I guess.

Single channel mean: 7,856 MB/s
Dual channel mean: 10,982 MB/s

I'd be interested to see the performance of lower latency DDR3 1600 modules if anyone has the time or inclination to test. dmidecode output attached for reference.


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