DS920 disappears (sort of)

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DS920 disappears (sort of)

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I know the title is confusing so I'll start from 5the beginning. Before I had a Synology I used a network attached GoFlex hard drive which I used to backup my system among other thing. Like the synology I had it setup to be accessible through windows explorer. Everything was great. every now and then the drive would vanish form Explorer but I could get to it from the web ui

My Synology is doing the same thing and it's very annoying. Is there a way to fix this or is it a Windows problem. Yes, SMB is enabled. Thank you
This could well be the well documented windows network issue. If you search a bit microsoft forum, you are likely to find solutions for it.
start with synology:

often reset of W10 network works
Looks like an SMB problem for sure. Can you share your SMB Syno settings? Also, can you confirm that your NAS has a network presence even when you can't reach it from the Win Explorer view?


Sorry, didn't know how else to do it
Here's an update. First and foremost, SMB is back and working constantly. Also Hibernation is also working. What I did was to Reinstall DSM 7 and my apps. I'm gathering when I updated from 6. to 7 it was a bad install. All I know is every thing is working. TIA

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