DS920+ (DSM7). How do I test a new UPS?

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DS920+ (DSM7). How do I test a new UPS?

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Adding an APC 1400 UPS due to a couple of power cuts recently. All connected and detected by the DS920+

But how do I safely test that it will do its job? The drives always seem to be active even after unplugging the
network cables.

Is there an option to suspend the unit so there will be no reads or writes but still powered on long enough for
me to pull the plug and make sure the UPS does its job?

Try to first test by connecting something else to the UPS like a small lamp or a radio for example. Shut off the power to the UPS and the light or the radio should stay on. This step is for you, because if a UPS can’t do that at least then you’ve bought a door stop :)

If all is fine, remove those devices, reconnect the NAS and connect the USB cable to the com port on the UPS. Now you’ll need to test the NAS with a configuration to initiate a safe shutdown after a few minutes after the power is lost. Try 3 minutes and it should enter safe mode and shutdown the UPS.

Wait for a few minutes and turn on the power to the UPS and the NAS should start booting (if you configured it to come up after the power returns).

Now go back and adjust the time entry to when the NAS should start shutting down (the 3 min above). I usually consider leaving some reserve in the battery in case the power comes back and dies again. How long, depends on your UPS capacity and load. Don’t over analyze it.
Just pull the plug to the UPS out and see what happens.

One thing to remember is that if you want the NAS to communicate with anything else (eg tell a PC to shut down, or email you to tell you the power has gone) you will need to connect "the internet" and the PC etc etc to a/the NAS as well.

@jeyare posted a great tutorial: Tutorial - Windows NUT client (incl GUI) - Network UPS
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I have 5x 1500VA UPS's, and live in a location where they, and AVR, are Needed Greatly.... Age of each is at least 5 or so years... During that time-frame, I have had 3x outright failures -- Each attributable to Batteries opening up... A neighbor has same mfg UPS, and I walked him through battery replacement as well, (Outright failure on 4 year old OEM batts).
(Each UPS has 2x 12v Batts in series... The control board needs 24V to run, if a cell opens, Control board stops, shutting it down).. My units do not have ethernet connections for communications, just USB A connections, but I'm also on whole house generator, so I only need 30-45 seconds... So safe shutdown is not a concern here... Outright failure symptom: Nothing has power.

But tests are done with full load on new UPS, after 24 hours, and then once a month, via USB and UPS's software (Walk a laptop around). Not certain if Neighbor checks monthly, I showed him but..... Only once have I had a symptom where the test passed, yet the UPS display indicated a lessening of time to provide a full load... and I replaced those 2 batts soon after that. I Always replace both batteries at the same time.

I find 12V 7A or 12V 8A batts installed from Factory.... I have found 12V 9A replacements.... that fit. As of now, none of units with replacement batteries have failed, and one of 5 units are still on OEM Batteries with no sign of weakening... (moved to lowest Critical Location, for long term test)...

Again.... I find: The Self Test is not 100% accurate.... When a Failure happens, it will usually be immediate, due to an open cell (Internal Weld Opening Up--with little warning!)..... My Findings...

PS: at work, years ago, with different MFG UPS, I encountered same Sudden failures-with batteries)
Thanks for the replies, at least one review said their DS920+ did not shut down when the power cut so wondering if they missed a setting or whether it was a compatibility issue. This was a review for a new unit recently purchased.

I managed to catch the box with all drive lights out and pulled the plug, all the drives span up and it carried on working, I also received an email saying the power had been cut and another when the power resumed so all rosy.

I have mine connected with the USB cable not a network. Shame the synology UPS data is lacking though, although it estimates 1 to 2 hours of usage in its current state so that should allow some battery degradation and still give a decent buffer to keep going for a while and shutdown when the battery is low. Not liking that working though, a battery may seem OK then suddenly drop which may catch the system out.

Thanks again.
No power draw readout is the main one. That would be useful to know.

Blackout times would be useful, but I could probably work that out from the emails the box sends me.
Whilst I benefit from having a networked UPS with a GUI, plus reports and access to logs there are very few of us that religiously check such things, especially if you need to do keyboard judo or wade through CLIs to get simple information.

I 'cheat' and use a simple app that sits in the menu bar to give me live feedback on UPS status, with 1-click access to all the information within NUT and the USB link. The app (being hosted on a Mac) can also trigger its own safe shutdown command, depending on the actual UPS state.

Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 14.51.54.png

Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 14.52.54.png

Hi, have to go with the assumption you are talking about APC 1400 back UPS (APC Back-UPS 1400VA, 230V, AVR, IEC Sockets - APC United Kingdom) not apc 1400 smart UPS (APC Smart-UPS 1400VA, 230V - APC United Kingdom). If that is the case, then the USB port is for PC connection only, to run the power chute personal software from apc. This will tell you if there is a connection etc. Also the quick start guide makes a valid point, if the load is <15W for 'x' hours, then it will shut down, unless you turn the feature off in the software. I have only mentioned it because the 920+ uses 9.6W when disks hibernating
Sorry I must have missed the notification of a new reply. Assumed correctly. :)

It also runs the router and cordless phones and a phone blocker so using more than 15watts.
Will the 920+ draw less than that any any point though? Fairly sure I heard the UPS click at one point but no power cut or power surges. The 2nd identical UPS which powers the PC and monitor made zero noise so doubt it was a voltage spike.

Got me wondering now. Thanks.
Fairly sure I heard the UPS click at one point but no power cut or power surges. The 2nd identical UPS which powers the PC and monitor made zero noise so doubt it was a voltage spike.
There can be fluctuations in electricity supply that don’t affect most appliances. The UPS is meant to react to detected supply variations as well as outages, though my APC BackUPS BX950 is quicker to do this than my two ES700. The BX950 can been heard making a quick click-click as it switch’s over and back.

You can use APC’s Powerchute Personal software (I may have the name slightly wrong) to setup the UPS with your PC: such as cutover voltages.
UPS's with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) are worth the added expense... They'll take care of voltage fluctuations that aren't enough to trigger the UPS to switch over in a power fail mode...
By luck, the first 2 I bought had that.... When I learned about what it did, AVR was specified on all subsequent purchases.... Well worth the added expense....

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