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Hi everyone,
I'm looking for expansion unit - for backup purposes only. yes for the same location of where my nas is.
Currently I'm using 1-bay USB enclosure and backup my NAS. lots of cable and these disks are quite old and I don't trust them anymore so I'm looking for a replacement with more elegent solution.

My goal is just to have a cold backup which is offline unless I manually turn it on and that I can quickly take spin the drive without too much vibration / connecting and basically handling disks with my hands.
I found a very attractive price for WD My book Duo that has USB-C. it has RAID0, 1 and JBOD.
in case I configure it as JBOD, will Synology NAS recognize two drives connected with the USB??

That intention completely escaped me. I thought you asked about using JBOD on the two drives together and the unified storage being recognised as a single volume via USB.
Apparently I wasn't wrong.
I received the device and JBOD configuration as expected 2 separate disks, they're not presented as single.
Now my dillemas:
1. Use this box as RAID1 and just copy what I need from Synology to this external box
2. JBOD and then rsync
I'm totally aware that RAID1 and rsync are two different things. but for the purpose of external (and additional backup) I'm not sure which one will be "better"

You opinion guys?
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I received the device and JBOD configuration as expected 2 separate disks, they're not presented as single.
OK. So that's one way of implementing JBOD though the normal implementation is to lump disks to create a larger volume, or volumes, than the individual disks provide. So this JBOD of two disks is providing two volumes demarked on the physical disk boundaries.

Does the NAS recognise the connected WD as two drives when in this JBOD?

I'd test what happens to the JBOD when a disk is removed ... is it really handled as separate drives or does the enclosure expect both drives to be present even if presented as separates. Doing this to confirm that the drives operate independently and that if one disk fails that it doesn't impact the data on thee other.

If it all works then I suppose the JBOD would give you a backup #1 (drive #1) which you then sync to drive #2 at some later point. Or you use the two drives to hold alternating backups or daily/weekly (etc).
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I forgot to update with my findings, hopefully it will help others:
1. JBOD perfectly recognised as two separate drives when connecting WD My Book Duo to DS920+
2. RAID0 and RAID1 works as expected
3. Connecting USB flash to WD MBD works
4. USB hibernation works as well as HDD standby
5. Fast

I’m very satisfied and it is very quite :)
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