DSM 7.0 ds920+ hotswap, change raid, bigger drives and some questions in general

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DSM 7.0 ds920+ hotswap, change raid, bigger drives and some questions in general

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Hi guys, got currently raid1 2x1tb drives (black and blue wd, old one) and just bought 4x4tb wd red plus. Now i wonder how i should make changes. End concept is 4x4tb raid5 or 6 maybe.
How to start? I am not sure if i can do this:
1. Use 2 new 4tb drives, on one of them copy existing data from existing 1tb raid, to make a copy, and take this disk out of nas after this. If i use it later, it should be seen properly by the same nas? And after making backup of existing data (just copy between storage pools?, 1tbx2 disks, currently used, and one single disk as another pool?) is there any better way than just copying it? Maybe some tool - what i want is to have possibility to use the same single disk later if smth bad happen and copy back this data to new raid eventually created from scratch on new 4tb drives in raid5.
2. if i can have this backup, i still got 2x1tb disks as raid 1 in bay1 and bay2 together with data, and in 3rd bay - new 4tb disk. So now i extend this raid1 with bay3 disk. Why this way, first new disk and raid5 - cause i still got existing data in nas, and backup on 4rd disk.
3. After this i should have bigger raid5 pool on 3 disks, 2x1tb and 4tb. Than i swap first 1x1tb disk with next 4tb disk.
4. Last step is to swap last 1tb disk with 4tb disk - i got 3x4tb raid5 and 4th drive with backup. If all is ok, i add this backup drive and add it to raid5 - than i can migrate? to raid 6 eventually?

is this correct?

Other way is to make backup, change first drive of 1tb raid1 and add 4tb one, than, change second drive to 4tb and than add new 3 and 4 drives and go raid5.

5. How hotswap works? Can i plug and unplug drives while nas is working? Should be any other steps of manually disable disks etc be done before? Or should i turn off nas and than unplug drive?

6. What kind of ram can i use - does 8gb one provide dual ram with 4gb in nas? Or is should be 4gb one? Do i loose warranty using unofficial ram?

Thank You for help.
And what moment is the best to make backup on one of 4tb disks? And what is the best tool for that?
And what moment is the best to make backup on one of 4tb disks
In RAID5, you don't back up the individual 4TB drives (maybe, I've misunderstood your question). You back up their content.
And what is the best tool for that?
Typically, Hyper Backup is the starting point for most Synology users.

Just FYI... the 1TB drives will be of minimal value, once each is replaced by a 4TB drive, as each 1TB drive will be identified as "degraded" (your file content will remain present).
I am not sure what should i do, Your link also provide other information that i expect:)
First of all, i see manual of nas with text about replacing drives:

To replace a drive:​

  1. Launch Storage Manager.
  2. Go to the Storage page and select the storage pool of the drive you want to replace.
  3. Click the upper-right icon
    and select Replace Drive.
    Note: If the unused drives in your Synology NAS cannot serve as replacement drives, a message box will appear and inform you of the reasons and suggestions.
  4. Select the drive you want to remove from the storage pool and click Next.
  5. Select the drive you want to add to the storage pool and click Next.
  6. Confirm that you want to continue and click OK.
    Note: All the data on the newly added drive will be erased. Make sure you have backed up all data on the replacement drive in advance.
  7. Confirm the settings and click Apply.
    Note: The storage pool status will change to Replacing during the replacement process, and will return to its original status once the process is complete.
  8. The replaced drive will be deactivated once the process is complete. Follow the LED drive indicator on your Synology NAS to remove the deactivated drive.

As i understand i should see this option after adding 2 new drives, and i works like this, i can "move" this raid from disk bay1 and bay2 to for example disk bay2 and bay3, and then remove bay1 disk, yes? Is this not better way, then remove one of 2 disks raid1 and rebuild this part on new 4tb one?

Also there is an option: Deactivate drive - i can do it on disk in raid. Should i use it before removing first drive?
You would replace each drive in turn. Then, when you have 2x4TB RAID1, change the RAID type to RAID5. There is no reason to manually deactivate a drive using the procedure you posted.

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