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DSDownload app and VPN status

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Hello all,

I have purchased the DSDownload app to control Download Station from my iPhone. (This is the app written by Thomas Le Gravier and sold on the App Store.)

When I log into my main administrator group account (say the user name is 'main'), the VPN status indicator in the app works normally.

However, I set up a limited-permissions account called "download" to avoid having to enter 2FA one-time passcodes each time I wanted to download something. It all works just fine and the account (and its downloads) functions perfectly.

However, one quirk I noted is that the app indicates the VPN is not connected, but only when I use the 'download' account. The 'main' account works fine.

Now, my understanding is that the VPN connection is at the NAS level, not a user account level. Is this true? That is, if my Network Interface tab in Control Panel shows me successfully connected to my VPN, are ALL user accounts on the NAS "going through" the VPN, or do I need to re-configure something to protect all Download Station users?

Many thanks for any help!
Could be that a standard NAS user, which won't have access to Control Panel, doesn't have access to see VPN status.

An outbound VPN connection will have network traffic sent down based on the NAS's routing table: destination / gateway via which interface.

What did Thomas Le Gravier say?
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Thanks. I was hoping that the VPN indicator would reflect the status irrespective of user. Or, at the least, be disabled (rather than stating there is a problem) for non-admin users.

Good question about Mr Le Gravier. I went to his Git page and did not find an email. Do you happen to know if he is on SynoForum?
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