DSM 6.2.2-24922 pulled again?

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DSM 6.2.2-24922 pulled again?

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Well it seems, that Synology once again has pulled DSM 6.2.2-24922.

Curious to learn, if we will get a third version with the same build number.
I bet, we will.
That was very quick: New (third) version released with different size everytime - and still the same build number?
I was still waiting for the NAS's to notify that there is an update. Hadn't heard anything yesterday so checked in Control Panel on both NAS and they still said 6.2.1 was latest.

Was just working to add a new address* for my mail notifications when I saw a red (1) next to updates. Both NAS are now saying that the update is available. Sheesh! I see this is potentially the third release of the same 6.2.2-24922 ... should I update or wait to see if they modify it again?

* I use FeedBin for RSS feed aggregation and it provides a personalised mail address to create feeds for newsletters, etc. So I've added it for notifications and now get feeds for each NAS and the SRM. Clears this out of the mailbox.
Version 1 works fine for me...

Problem is, that when they use the same build number everytime, I'm not allowed to update without "hacking" my own device.
Problem is, that when they use the same build number everytime, I'm not allowed to update without "hacking" my own device.
Exactly. It's not good practise to do what Synology has done here. They should've added patch numbers so that everyone can keep up to date.
Think it was posted in the 1st release notes that this will be a manual download only release.
OK. I thought the manual download was for those who couldn't wait for the system rollout. I saw this from the "community" thread...
This release is staggered. Automatic update notifications will occur throughout April/May for different regions at different times.
Since I've not read anything good of this release, I'm content to hang w/6.2.1 for now.

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