DSM 6.2.2 update or skip?

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DSM 6.2.2 update or skip?

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One of the messiest releases it seems! Not too keen on it. Thinking of skipping this altogether until the next one

For all the brave souls who updated, what do you think?
It's fine on mine too, I've never heard of any other company releasing three different versions with the same filename though!

I had trouble with Docker in the 6.2.2 update, containers froze and even the web interface had troubles. A couple of resets and a minor update days after corrected the problems and now is back to normal.
Mine's been fine - DS916+ with Docker and Surveillance Station, Cloud Sync and other bits and bobs.
Alright people... Thanks for your encouragement. I just updated the 418play (my 213j updated a few weeks ago w/o issue).

FWIW, here's my pre/post process for DSM updates...
  1. Pause or shutdown external sync apps (ex., Drive)
  2. Update all Synology packages (Package Manager)
  3. Shutdown 3rd-party packages (non-Synology)
  4. Restart NAS
  5. Log in and apply the DSM update
  6. After update reboots itself (if no auto restart, manually restart the NAS), address any Synology update-related pop-ups and then start 3rd-party packages.
  7. Manual restart
  8. Log in and check things out
Then... regardless of the result... 🍺🍺🍺
So far I haven't had a problem, though I did wait until the official notice to update. The Main reason to update was that the recent updates of some packages required v6.2.2, and then there are some security fixes that weren't obvious if I needed them or not.

I was remaining on Moments v1.3.0 due to an upload from iOS bug. But the official temporary fix (posted on the 'community') did work: for affected user accounts you need to add an explicit access permission on the user's home folder to give that user full control, and then propagate to sub-folders and files. This mimics a rule that is implicitly already there (greyed out). And I suspect it is bug in how Moments package checks authorisation.

I had a similar thing with Download Station when setting up podcast downloads. Within DS, it would not let my admin user to create a folder in the destination location, but File Station would. I added the same type of rule to the destination shared folder and now Download Station works.

Anyway, for my use of DSM, I haven't run into any issues with v6.2.2 on either of the two NAS.
I’ve updated. Yes I did :)
The strange thing is that the backup widget disappeared after the update. I restarted and it came back!
This happened on both stations! Comes back after a restart.
Some of my aliases on the desktop disappeared too and I had to recreate them!

So far seems OK.

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