DSM 7.0 DSM 7 Hyper Backup to DSM 6 destination

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DSM 7.0 DSM 7 Hyper Backup to DSM 6 destination

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Has anyone seen information about using a DSM 6 NAS as a destination 'Synology' target for a DSM 7 NAS's Hyper Backup?

My DS215j NAS is running DSM 7 beta. It's only real function is as a Mac Time Machine server but I am testing bits and pieces too. I thought I may as well backup it up even though it's a small job to rebuild and I'm ambivalent to Time Machine's usefulness.


My destination is the DS218+ running DSM 6 and wanted to use 'Synology > Remote NAS device' as the destination type. Once selected it needs to be logged in to then select the target Shared Folder. But clicking the Login button doesn't work: the cursor spins but no login prompt. However, this task type works from the DS1520+ (DSM 6) to DS218+ (DSM 6).

Starting again and using 'File Server > rsync' from the DS215j (DSM 7) to DS218+ (DSM 6) now works and the back is now progressing.

The only real issue here is that Hyper Backup Vault on the DS218+ doesn't know about the rsync task. Maybe there is some issue with HBV not recognising DSM 7?
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