Info DSM 7 is finally here!

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Info DSM 7 is finally here!

When are you going to upgrade to DSM7?

  • Right away

  • Wait a few more updates (i.e. bugs to be fixed)

  • I'll stick with 6.2

  • I can't upgrade to DSM7 (not supported)

  • Waiting for XS-FS DSM version

  • Not sure, I'll read a bit more about it

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After the 6.2.4 weirdness I as well will wait a bit before applying to my "production" NAS. I have been running the RC on my 1815+ and other than expected issues early on with 3rd party applications it installed fine. I do like built in 2FA and it does seem this release has other solid enhancements.
Installed what exactly?
Did you hack Synology? The official release is unavailable to commoners like me.
Skimming fast through the first post i thought DSM7 final release was out!

As you can see there is no reference to the screenshot bellow that this is a RC...


Luckily in my work case scenario as stated in my previous post everything works like it should and nothing looks half baked, + the installation process was a breeze.

No harm no foul done in my case,
lesson learned, READ MORE CAREFULLY NEXT TIME !!! LOL :)

The beta and the RC have been pretty solid. Knowing Synology, the "release" version will be a train wreck!

Leave it for a few days! :D
Fortunately, my primary rig failed the Win11 compatibility check. Looks like Manjaro may be my future.
Well, you could jump on Manjaro ... Or, check if your PC supports: UEFI, Secure Boot and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0.
Which is on the list of Minimum system requirements for Win11.
Or, check if your PC supports: UEFI, Secure Boot and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
Presumably that it what the compatibility checker does... My guess is TPM was flagged, though I'm reasonably certain this will be resolved in the future.
I'd just like to say... NOPE!
"Or, check if your PC supports: UEFI, Secure Boot and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0."
None of it is necessary. Just use Windows 10 to install Windows 11.
Extract the version of Win11 you want to install and then drop it into a Windows 10 ISO, then run setup and you're good to go as it does none of the checks.

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