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DSM 7.0 DSM 7 thread

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I heard they were working on a common software setup for their routers and NAS since router can have an external HDD and felt left out.
Beta directory is gone?

Never again will I make that mistake of installing a Synology beta!

Oh, go on then, where do I click....🤣

Only, kidding, when it does become available, leave it for the loons still on the official forum!
I can throw in my DS214+. I eagerly wait for testing Synology Directory Server for setting up as a SDC (Secondary Domain Controller) for backup purposes, installing to DS918+

I appreciate such attitude to finish all opened issues in new system, even with later date
in these days isn't common attitude from dev-teams or someone who control/responsible for a quality
OK signed in for all devices, especially the new Directory Server is of much interest to my: "Supports the secondary domain controller."

Thanks for sharing this news!
Here we go!!!! DSM7 beta registrations are open!!
Actually, "alpha" if you read the Synology posting. This is pre-beta.
Some dude from Synology said:
For DSM 7.0, we're introducing a Preview stage that comes before the usual Beta.
Actually, "alpha" if you read the Synology posting. This is pre-beta.
you are correct ofc my mistake. I have read preview but posted it as beta. Tnx for the correction
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