DSM os Debian/GNU Limitations. Support required

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DSM os Debian/GNU Limitations. Support required

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Hi All,

Introduction linked above.

Main questions/issues I could do with a hand with are as follows

  • Has anyone managed to establish a VPN connection from their DSM OS to an Azure VPN Gateway?
  • Has anyone managed to upgrade the version of OpenSSL so that it can accommodate AES-256-GCM as opposed to CBC?
  • Is there any definitive documentation on all the syno cli syntax? I've been through this lot as well as this
  • Using LDAPS to connect to Azure AD domain services, how has everyone else got on that has attempted it?
  • Is there a decent package manager that can be installed, apt/yum etc?
  • Is it just me or do all deb files fail upon install due to debsig violations?
I've been digging away for the past couple of weeks at this debian/gnu implementation, could do with some guidance from others, as I've hit numerous blockers.
With all the notes I've made during this, hopefully I may be able to assist some of you as well.


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