DSM6.2 DS218J - Bluetooth l2ping can't connect to host.

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DSM6.2 DS218J - Bluetooth l2ping can't connect to host.

DS218J + APC Back-UPS BX700U-GR - Win10/RPi user
Any one of you know how to get my issue with bluetooth fixed?
At the moment i try to migrate my HomeAutomation (Domoticz) to my DS218J.
But one issue remains which is Bluetooth related.
I have a general unknown BT4.0 dongle and it's recognized.
I can by ssh and command l2ping <MAC> or hcitool scan initiate a scan.
But no devices are found, i especially focus on l2ping to detect phones as a someonehome trigger.
But it says can't connect to host while on my Raspberry no issues.

In the early days you had to install a package by Jadahl which contained Bluez but it aint available any more and can't find any other resources for bluez.
Do you know any solution as DSM is missing something to get it to work.

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