DSM7: synodsmnotify how to use i18n format

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DSM7: synodsmnotify how to use i18n format

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Hi there,
with DSM 7 synodsmnotify introduced new behaviour requesting i18n formated strings for which I'm happy to share the how-to.
This is a reply to previous post: DSM 7.0 - DSM7: synodsmnotify behaviour how to use i18n format and the behaviour:
$ synodsmnotify @administrators "MyPackage" "MyMessage" => title: 'MyPackage' is neither mail string key nor i18n format.

Synology updated the developer guide and online help in the mean time here: Script Messages · GitBook & Application I18N · GitBook
As per support ticket and mail exchange they are reffering to "In the past, it was not required to support multilanguage, but after DSM7, it is required by the OS to do so"

I was struggling a bit as not all details are online (texts directive is undocumented at time of writing) so in a nutshell this is required to have desktop notification working:

1) Package Id / App-name referenced in INFO & application-config (in ui directory) <e.g. dsmappname="SYNO.SDS.MyPackage">,
2) Dsmuidir referenced in INFO <e.g. dsmuidir ="ui"> & texts-dir referenced in app-config (in ui dir) <e.g. "texts": "texts">,
3) Preload referenced in application-config <e.g. "preloadTexts": [ "app:app_name", "app:inst_completed"]>,
4) Dirs per language <e.g. enu, ger> with strings file containing language strings per section <e.g. [app]> by means of section: key,
5) Using components <e.g. synodsmnotify -c SYNO.SDS.MyPackage @administrators MyPackage:app:app_name MyPackage:app:inst_completed>

PS: I created a package "DemoUiSpk7.spk" found at Home & News | Community Package Hub home-news section which is using notification, authentication et. al, feel free to inspect

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