DSM7 UI closes open app?

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DSM7 UI closes open app?

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So I don't know if this is normal/designed behavior or if there's something I've configured wrong.

When I have the DSM7 ui open in my browser and lets say I have Control Panel open. If I then switch to another browser tab, just for a minute, then when I switch back to DSM the display goes white and any open windows close. It doesn't happen every time but when it does I'm still left logged in. It can be a real pain if I was in the middle of something.

Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone know why this happens? Is there's a way of preventing it?

Thanks (y)
Does this not happen to anyone else then?

It's a real pain. When setting something up in docker for example, I might quickly open my router settings in another tab if I want to check port forwarding, when I switch back, what I was half way through doing disappears. 🙄

I had thought it might be something to do with cloud sync as I notice that appearing in the toolbar but that may just be the UI reloading itself.

Can anyone tell me where I may find a relevant log file so I can have a look through to try and see what's happening?

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Have never had a similar problem. Have you tried to open a separate window not tab? Same problem then? Maybe you have some browser extensions that do not play well with DSM UI?
Hey Rusty,

Thanks for the tips. I'll try opening in a different window but I didn't have any extensions when this all started.

Can you point me in the direction of where any logs are saved please?

Thank you.
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Can you point me in the direction of where any logs are saved please?
most information will be located inside /var/log/messages file that you can get to via SSH. Still, saying that, I'm not so sure that you will find any relevant info on your problem in there.

Do you have this same behavior with another device while doing the same operations?
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Did you try a different browser?
Hey, thanks for the suggestion. No I haven't yet. As I'm using a major browser (Firefox, that was a clean install with no extensions running), id expect it to work fine. I'm currently trying Rusty's idea of having it in a seperate window, which so far is working fine.🤞 If it still happens, I'm on Ubuntu so could give Chromium a try.

Thanks (y)
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So just in case anyone else gets this problem I thought I'd do an update.

It turned out I was having this issue in Ubuntu and Windows 10, both OSes reside on same dual boot laptop. Using Firefox (Ubuntu) and in Firefox and Chrome (Windows 10). In both a normal browser window and an incognito window too. Nearly every time I switched to a different tab, when I switched back, the DSM UI would flash white and reset itself, but I would still be logged in. I've sent screen recordings to Synology support and even given them remote access to the NAS.

Synology's support suggested that what's actually happening is that the tab is refreshing possibly due to low memory. When I did a manual page refresh, indeed the exact same thing happened. I don't understand how this could be a low memory issue, as the laptop has 16 GB ram and according to the terminal command # free, it never seems to go below 11 GB. However, both browsers do have a feature that suspends a tab when it detects memory is getting critically low and then reloads it when you switch back to it. (See here)

I've disabled this feature in Firefox and this seems to have fixed this problem. I have no idea whether there's something about dual booting OSes that might affect memory usage, or something else not right with the laptop. But as no one else seems to have this issue, I'll assume it is in fact my laptop that's the cause.

Thanks to everyone that offered help.
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