During the recording I like to watch the video (still recording)

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During the recording I like to watch the video (still recording)

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I am recording videos to synology ds218 NAS. During the recording I like to watch the video (still recording) on the webOS of LG TV. The Photo and Video App on webOS does not show the file unless the recording has terminated. Is there a possibility to watch videos in LG webOS while it get recorded to the ds218?

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It's not clear how the DS218 is being used in your setup:
  • You're recording videos to the DS218:
    • How are you recording videos? What apps, devices?
    • How are the videos being transferred to the DS218?
  • Can you provide information on LG TV's Photo and Video apps:
    • How do they connect to the DS218?
    • What file formats do they support?
If you can record in MPEG (.ts) format then that may enable you to watch and record at the same time.
DS218 is used as Media Server
  • On Windows 8.1 Workstation, DVBViewer is recording Video an writing the recording to DS218 \\Security\video\Film in .ts format.
  • LG TV's Photo and Video apps has no technical public information. The DS218Media Server is found automatically in the Photo and Video App. Files .ts where the recording has ended, are found (are visible). During recording, the .ts files are not listed.
Using Kodi in the Android TV, I can see and open and play the recording files. But not on the LG TV.
So you're using DSM's Media Server to advertise and stream the file while it's being recorded to. And you've added /Security/video/Film to Control Panel's Indexing Service so that Media Server can find it.

If both the Android Kodi app and LG Video app are DLNA clients then it sounds like it could be the LG app doesn't support this feature. Maybe there's a different app that will work?
Unfortunately there is no other App. Would be nice to have VLC on LG webOS. But this is not planed.
Thanks anyway.

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