DSM 6.2 DX513 - Suddenly, all volumes in "Assignment status faulty".

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DSM 6.2 DX513 - Suddenly, all volumes in "Assignment status faulty".

DS415+ and DX513
Operating system
  1. Windows

Suddenly, after a reboot I did manually to my system (DS415+ and DX513), the 3 volumes of my DX513 gave volume error (see attached images). Luckily the data is fully readable so I extracted 90% of the data to an external USB disk.

Once the data was copied, I deleted the volumes, recreated them and everything is a priori correct, without any error.

However, if I force another reboot, the volumes immediately give error again. I have repeated this process several times with the same result.

I have also taken one of the 3 disks, removed it from the DX513 and connected it to a Windows PC. On this PC, I formatted the disk and did a scandisk /x /r and everything is fine.

Personally I think the problem is with the DX513 drive and not the disks.

I hope you can help me to solve the problem or to be able to verify in some way if what really fails is the DX513, and if in such case, it can be repaired, or I have to think about replacing the drive.



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