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E10M20-T1 performance

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If I mount the E10M20-T1 card inside my RS1221+ can I experiment a poor performance? My NAS has a 8x Pcie 3.0 slot but only a 4x link.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm not sure what your current question is but (ignoring the GT/s PCIe spec for a moment) each PCIe 3.0 lane gets you:

- approx 1GB/s - which roughly equates to a saturated 10Gbps ethernet link

With 4 lanes available to you you still have around another 3GB/s going spare even if the 10GbE is maxed-out, plenty for a NVMe read/write cache.

In reality you will not be producing and consuming that amount of bandwidth simultaneously on an 8-bay NAS as the only high-bandwidth way in or out of the NAS itself is that 10GbE link. This leaves plenty PCIe resources available for internal NVMe / SATA cache management, even if we pretended that the other system bottlenecks didn't exist.
It's fine ... If I would use the card for VMs deploy, I should maybe consider the bottleneck of the bus... and CPU of course...
The total bandwidth that its bus (PCIe 3.0 8x) offers is really useful on a XEON NAS where there is more room for high bandwidth transfers... in other words for my RS1221+ the 4 lanes are fine...

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