eero pro 6 mesh router and external access

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eero pro 6 mesh router and external access

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I have a new DS1621+ and just before that had to get a new router and purchased the eero pro 6 to set up a mesh wifi system. The NAS is plugged in via the ethernet cable and everything works fine at home but I wanted to establish some external access with DDNS but the router configuration won't work. It runs the test and gives green checks for everything then says "Note: No UPnP router was found..." When I click next to manually set it up they require that I pick a router from the drop down list and eero isn't on the list (even after updating the list). Certainly other Synology users out there have eero, so how do I do this? I'm thinking the issue is with synology and not eero but I'm not very strong at this stuff. Thanks for your help!
Advice #1 if you want a controlled secure network NEVER EVER USE UPNP.
You will find more info in the forums but using UPNP is a NO for managing routers rules.
Always prefer managing your rules manually in the router.
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