Threat Prevention Either was there all along, or was just added?

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Threat Prevention Either was there all along, or was just added?

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FYI: I wanted to search for "Unknown" and "Alert" events in the Threat Prevention Event List, and had asked for a way of finding just them, so I would not have to manually scan through the entire Events List... Was told that didn't exist, and I'd have to ask for this as a 'feature request'.

Imagine my surprise to see those selections at the bottom of the Search Criteria box in Events. I can have it display just "Alert" and "Unknown" events...
Can I suggest next time you use a subject title that is more specific. Something like "When were action filters added to TP event log?".

The action filter has, I'm sure, been there for some time.
I was unaware of that, as was fellow I asked at the company, obviously! I was hoping to find out if it pre dated my conversation.

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