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Email received titled "Port forward rules enabled" but didn't make changes

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Email received titled "Port forward rules enabled" but didn't make changes

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Hi - I just got an email from my DS418play as follows:

Subject: (device name): Port forward rules enabled

Dear user,

Due to changes in default gateway settings, the feature of port forwarding rules has been enabled.

Synology DiskStation

I'm not home now, didn't make any changes today, but close to home if I need to get there and see what's going on!

Any idea why I would have gotten this based on no changes, or where to look to see why?

I think it has something to do with UPnP on the router.
When it comes to security, it’s advisable to disable that feature (on the router).

On DSM, check under
Control Panel > QuickConnect > Advanced tab
Uncheck “automatically create port forward rules”.

Also check
Control Panel > external access > router configuration tab.

You should check what did it “open” on the router and close/disable it if there’s no need.
If you’re using QuickConnect for remote access then I believe you don’t need to forward any ports. But you know your environment and you need to decide accordingly. If in doubt, discuss.

As for why it happened. I don’t know. It sensed that something has changed on your network environment maybe (or maybe it thinks something has changed).
I have all that “intelligent” stupid stuff disabled. Do it manually if you need to. Don’t leave it to a piece of code that thinks it’s wise enough to decide what ports to open or close for you :)
Thanks for the quick reply! I disabled to automatically create port forwarding rules.

When I got home i noticed the clock on the stove was flashing - the power had gone out briefly, which may have impacted the router and triggered this?

Sound advice, I have a lot more exploring to do on the security features of my device.

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