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Tutorial Enabling mobile push notifications

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Tutorial Enabling mobile push notifications

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Enabling mobile push notifications - Mobile push service allows you to know immediately if anything needs your attention.

A simple yet powerful feature that one might miss!

For this to work, you must install Synology's DS Finder on your mobile device (available for iOS and Android).

While you're on your LAN launch DS Finder on your mobile and let it find your DiskStation, login to it and turn on Push notification option. Stay logged in.

Now login to DSM on your desktop or laptop (using an admin account) and do the following:

1. Go to control panel.
2. Open Notification (under the system section).
3. Select...

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Just an FYI to any other newbies out there looking to do this for other apps such as DS Cam, you will need to repeat pretty much this exact same process, except that instead of DSM you will be changing settings in Surveillance Station on your NAS, and instead of DS File you'd have to enable notifications from DS Cam.

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