Info End-of-Life Announcement for Synology Packages

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Info End-of-Life Announcement for Synology Packages

OK, so I need to start looking for an alternative to squeezebox/Logitech Media Server. Any tool you guys can suggest, it should also support playing to chromecast devices and playing from bandcamp (any music, not just bought music), like the squeezebox plugin can.
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You can investigate using Docker to run one of the 18 variants of the Squeezebox container. Hint: the biggest ⭐ rating is listed first but check which has the latest updates (Docker Hub).

I tried the LMS package for a bit of nostalgia but really only tried it for a music-only DLNA/UPnP server. I've since deleted it and use Synology's Media Server with a customised DMA menu style that suits my needs.

Does Audio Station [still?] support Chromecast devices? It supports Airplay [v1] devices and I've used AirConnect in Docker to add Airplay support to my non-Airplay HEOS DLNA/UPnP amp/speaker*. AirConnect also supports adding Airplay for Chromecast devices that it detects. I wrote up the AirConnect on Docker tutorial...AirConnect: Use AirPlay to stream to UPnP/Sonos & Chromecast devices

*while Audio Station does work directly with DLNA devices I wanted to connect to my non-Airplay-native HEOS devices from macOS, iOS, and tvOS.
There are many alternatives to LMS now, I realise, especially since I don't use my Squeezebox hardware anymore and switched fully to chromecast (audio). The only reason I still use LMS is actually its bandcamp feature, that allows me to listen to any bandcamp music, not just bought music. So an alternative should have the same feature. ideally also a similar soundcloud feature, but i don't use that as much.

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