Equivalent of HOSTS file on Synology Router?

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Equivalent of HOSTS file on Synology Router?

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I would like to block access by machines on my LAN to certain domains. Not just browser access, but all access.

The obvious (to me...) "possible" solutions do not work:
  • Safe Access seems to block only browser access.
  • Firewall only blocks numeric IP addresses, not entire domains.

So what I'm looking for is the equivalent of a .hosts file, but for the router, so it affects all machines on the LAN.

I am happy to use the router's DNS Server, and I'm guessing that this is possible to do somehow in the DNS server, but cannot figure out how to set that up.
Currently, I have one Master forwarding zone in DNS server, forwarding to my favorite external DNS servers with a "Forward First" resolution policy, which works fine, but allows me no opportunity to set exceptions for particular domain names.

Looking for suggestions!

I run an internal DNS server so that I can have my personal domain resolved internally and it mimics the Internet DNS resolution. I've got various records for the mail, smtp, www, etc. etc. and these resolve to the real LAN IPs, whereas on the Internet it all resolves to my ISP's assigned IP. It means I only need one set of bookmarks and certificates are ok.

If I try to resolve something that doesn't have a record then it gets return as unresolvable. So I assume you just need to create a master zone with no records for, I assume, facebook.com and it won't resolve. Worth a try :)

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