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the silence is an example, that this forum makes good job and all of you have excellent operation of your NASes :cool:
w/o troubles or misunderstandings
or, what is more important, you have now careless operation
Had a few days off and, with youngest’s interest in listening to vinyl, focusing on revitalising my old HiFi turntable (record deck). Now got got it setup in the one room with a solid concrete floor (no stylus skipping) and can use my Denon HEOS amp to stream to Denon AVR in the main room.

Currently using a cheap Behringer USB DAC that’s got built in phono pre-amp and analogue out to amp too. This was for connecting to my Mac but thought I’d test it here before buying a better phono stage. Actually it does a pretty decent job for the price and is powered using the amp’s USB interface. Behringer UFO202 U-phono USB Audio Interface: Amazon.co.uk: Musical Instruments

Now got a full mix of audio sources with multi-room: local NAS; streaming; CD; ancient vinyl :cool:

Anyway, that’s why I’ve been silent!
nope, I need to dunk something in here :coffee:
I don’t have something to dunk to coffee,
But something for a health care from my favourite activity:

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