Excellent Series of Synology NAS Tutorials-Mydoodads

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Excellent Series of Synology NAS Tutorials-Mydoodads

I bought my NAS a year ago and realise that, amongst other aspects, permissions, Photo Station and Moments had created a year-long confusion; well permissions had, partly because I did not start with groups as I had only one or two users. As far as Photo Station and Moments goes, after a short while I uninstalled them as they seemed so counter intuitive compared to the Synology audio and video apps. Scanning the official Synology Community Forum did not prove much better as so many others new users seemed to be posting similar problems. (Hence I recently found and joined this forum.)

Not being happy with my obvious lack of understanding, I looked around and by chance found what I consider to be an excellent series of recent youtube tutorial videos on Synology NASs. I am sure that many here who will find these tutorials too basic and offer alternative, perhaps as good or better, approaches; but then that is what I, for one, felt that I needed to work my way through. (Still a long way to go, but I feel happier with the direction.)

The 34+ tutorials have being produced by mydoodads.com. Each video lasts roughly on average 8 minutes and goes from basic setting up, users, groups, apps, backups through to the NAS firewall and DDNS. I found them well thought out; in reasonably self-contained modules; clearly and well spoken and easy to follow. (Especially I was able to pause; hop onto my NAS and compare my own settings.)

I hope that others find this useful.
(BTW, I have nothing to do with mydoodads or the videos; I do not even know who produces them.)


I think these are very useful videos. We (or anybody here) can embed those videos to our Media section: Useful Videos. That way we can have useful information in one place.

I'd like to see SynoForum to be helpful for beginners too, not only for advanced users.


Was just about to suggest this wonderful series to everyone. I like to think I'm reasonably okay with Synology, but he has some nice ideas inside and it is very well structured.
After nearly one year, worth popping to the top of the queue again I would say.

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